Life In Pictures: Button Book Bash

little button diaries books

We had an exciting Bank Holiday Monday promoting our craft books with a lovely bunch of local authors at Yellowave in Brighton. Authors Mel and Madeleine read their books, A Cat Called Panda and The Sky Guys.

The lovely Lorna from our local art class, Story Carousel, made panda and owl masks with the kids. If you’re in the Brighton area you should go along to one of her classes. She is so creative and comes up with lovely kids makes.

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How to Make Marshmallows!

how to make marshmallows little button diaries

Oh BLIMEY. Just discovered the sheer amazing melty-fluffiness of a homemade marshmallow! How have I not known this before? They are SO much better than the shop ones. Apparently gourmet marshmallows (along with popcorn and rice cakes… to which I’m also addicted) is big business at the moment. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own (fyi easy) mallows then keep reading.

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The Glitter’s Out….

mad blog awards

We’ve got the glitter out because we’re celebrating being finalists in the MAD Awards for Best Craft Blog! We’re so grateful for everyone who voted for us and want to say a big thank you. So, um, THANK YOU! We don’t get to go out very often either so the promise of an awards ceremony (as well as a day without the little lovelies) is highly exciting.

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Life In Pictures: A Bit of Life Lately

Arlington bluebell walk


Life in Pictures is a bit of this-and-that this week. We’ve been on a few family outings over the past few weeks and have only come back with a few snaps from them, so I’ve put them all together (we haven’t been that busy in one week!)


We went to visit the Arlington Bluebell Walk for a little stroll. We were so ill prepared as it was really muddy and we hadn’t brought wellies and it was freezing. After this photo Harper refused to get out of the buggy as it was too ‘yucky’. Luckily Grayson was quite happy toddling around for a bit. Not one of our most successful trips out but you live and learn, right?

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Craft for Kids: Peg Monsters

We thought we’d share with you these little monsters we made with our kids last week – the monsters talk by pinching the peg open. They’re quick, easy and require very little materials. Whoop! Watch our video tutorial above or read on for the tutorial.

You will need:

  • Wooden clothes peg
  • Coloured card
  • Felt tip pens
  • Double sided tape
  • Scrap of white card

Measure the opening part of the peg. Draw a line to this length onto the coloured card. Draw a monster face around it. The line will become the mouth and must fill the face. Colour the monster in.

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Creativity Magazine


We’re Blog of the Month in Docrafts Creativity Magazine this month! That fills us with happy flutter butterflies. We’ve done a few craft pieces for them in the past and love working with them. We’ve never been a blog of the month before, so it’s super nice for us.

It’s saturday, the sun is shining, one of us is off to a lovely wedding (Laura) and the other (Tia) is going to spend the day driving back and forth to the tip. Both fun days, hard to choose between them….

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DIY Giant Bubbles & Wand

Oh my goodness this could possibly be the most fun project we have ever done! These giant bubbles are AWESOME. Easy to make, quick and endless hours of squealing joy. Even if you don’t have kids (they pop them too quick!). Bear in mind the bubble wand will dribble its goo everywhere so this is one project that is definitely more suited for outdoors. We made a video tutorial for Channel Mum – click to watch above or read on for the full tutorial.

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Edible Ice Cream Bowls

edible ice cream bowls

Pinterest is seriously dangerous. Every time I go onto it I seem to loss hours (literally whole evenings have disappeared) and have an overwhelming desire to make EVERYTHING on there. These edible ice cream bowls have been taunting me since last year and now there’s a bit of sunshine I couldn’t resist giving them a go.

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Life In Pictures: Mersea Island

IMG_0789 copy

We spent a long weekend in Mersea Island with the grandparents last weekend. It wasn’t all plain sailing as we took our little threenager (um HELLO temper tantrums) but it was lovely to go to a quieter seaside than Brighton and to actually be able to build sandcastles with real sand, and play amongst some really pretty beach huts.

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Craft Trends #16: Tie Dye & Shibori

craft trends shibori tie dye Little Button Diaries

When we grew up, we swore we would never wear tie dye again. Tie dye and shell suits. We looked back at pictures of us in neon ripples of colour and wondered how we could possibly put it on. And yet here we are – it’s officially trendy again – tie dye that is (shell suits still no. But it’s a matter of time). We find ourselves drawn back in and wishing we hadn’t chucked it all out the first time round.

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Brilliance in Blogging Awards

brilliance in blogging awards little button diaries

Hello folks! We wanted to let you know that nominations have opened up for the BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. We really are grateful to anyone who reads, likes and comments on our blog and if you like our blog we would love your vote. We’re small fry against the giants of the blogging world, but we put our hearts into this blog –  we hope that shows in the content we write.

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Life in Pictures

little owl farm 1b

This week we went to stay with the grandparents, meaning lots of cuddles, devoted attention and lie ins for ME. We’ve just got back and everyone feels a bit glum – I wish we lived nearer. And I do like lie ins.

We went to the lovely and hands on Little Owl Farm Park near Worcester. There were some gorgeous little piglets -I may have considered popping one under my arm for a short while (until I saw mummy pig. When did pigs become the same size as cows?!).

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Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

peter rabbit cake

Since the 3rd of January (the day after Grayson’s birthday) Harper had been talking about her birthday and how she wanted a Peter Rabbit cake. So two and a half months later, there we were with a Peter Rabbit birthday cake. I decided to decorate a chocolate cake so as to resemble Mr McGregor’s garden and have a sneaky Peter stealing vegetables from it.

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More Craft Hacks with Sugru

sugru 6

Have you heard of Sugru? It’s awesome! It’s like blu tak that you mould into shape, then overnight it sets hard and sticks to anything. It’s like, MAGIC! I bought some for my other half for Christmas, then promptly stole it (yup, one of those presents) and used it to seal, secure and glue loads of stuff.

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Kids Craft Hacks

Our latest vlog for Channel Mum features our top hacks for crafting with kids – all the tips and tricks we’ve discovered. If you have any handy tips that you’ve come across we’d love to know what they are in the comments below. Share the love!

~ Tia & Laura xx ~