Potato Print Flamingo Bag

flamingo print bagThere’s been a flamingo outbreak recently. Not literally, of course – but in style magazines and all across Pinterest. In a bid to shamelessly jump on this bandwagon (but also to try out a new crafting skill) I thought I’d try potato printing a plain tote bag with some of these beautiful birds. For this project you will need:

  • Canvas shopping bag
  • Potato
  • Fabric dye in pink and green
  • Small paintbrush
  • Sharp knife
  • Sharp pencil
  • Kebab skewer or cocktail stick
  • Scrap piece of fabric

1. Begin by cutting your potato in half lengthways. Draw your flamingo onto paper, or print one as I have done. Make sure it’s a simple silhouette and small enough to fit onto your potato. Cut out your image and place it onto the potato.


2.  Using a sharp pencil draw around the flamingo, making sure you press down slightly to leave a groove. Remove the image, then use a knife to gently cut around the grooves to a thickness of about 5mm. Slice away the potato surrounding the image. To create the eye, use a kebab skewer or cocktail stick to make a hole.

3. Using fabric paint, apply a layer of paint onto the flamingo. Then test your stamp using a scrap piece of fabric. Press the stamp down firmly onto the fabric making sure it’s evenly applied. Check that you’re happy with the results and make any tweaks to your stamp using a knife.

IMG_8047 IMG_7982

4. For each flamingo I applied another layer of the fabric paint onto the stamp, as I wanted a block of colour. After applying each layer of paint I re-poked the flamingo’s eye with the kebab stick so it would not be filled up with paint when stamping.

5.  Before stamping the bag, place a protective layer of a carrier bag or newspaper within the bag, so the paint doesn’t seep through. Then get stamping! Fill in any gaps or mistakes with a paintbrush.

IMG_8044 IMG_7984
6. I then decided to cut some tropical leaves to go between the flamingos, and got stamping with green paint.
This was a really quick way to customise a tote bag, and potato stamping has become my new favourite craft. If drawing is not your forte (like me) then using a template to cut around really makes it easy to achieve different stamps without too much effort, and it’s perfect for little ones to do too.

~ Laura xx ~

Paracord Keyring



If you’re looking for the latest craft craze this summer then look no further than paracord. Similar to friendship bracelets, this thick cord can be knotted into all sorts – bracelets, keyring or even dog leads. The technique is simple enough for kids to master and the cord comes in bright and fun colours. What’s not to love. To find out how to make this paracord tassel keyring visit our tutorial on the Hobbycraft site.

~Tia & Laura xx~


Larmer Tree Festival

I found myself at home on Saturday with a gin and tonic (by myself) watching Glastonbury and feeling very envious that I was on a sofa and not in that field. I’ve only been once, with Laura and some other friends, and we had the best time, watching great bands, dodging cups of wee and not caring that our last shower was 4 days ago. It feels a lifetime ago.


I’ve hit the point where I think a festival with kids would be manageable. Different, but manageable. We were really excited to be offered tickets to Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset. We’ve been hearing great things – its a true family friendly festival that’s been going for 25 years.  ​There are some brilliant acts – Tom Jones, Levellers, Bill Bailey, plus a beautiful band called Coco & The Butterfields that I saw live last year and they’re awesome. There’s also arts and crafts workshops,  talks and children’s entertainment. And you don’t have to worry about flying cups of wee. Probably.

If you would like to buy tickets visit http://larmertreefestival.co.uk/tickets/tickets-info/

Wigwam Sam Children Waltzing, Carolyn White © Larmer Tree Festival The Village Food ©Louise Harrison_Larmer Tree Festival

Tia x

Life In Pictures

Life in Pictures is our weekly mini gallery of what we’ve been up to this week. This week we returned from our first family holiday. We took the Eurostar to Paris to see the sights and eat a lot of ice cream, crepes and macaroons. It was fantastic and made us wish we’d been abroad with them sooner. Now my eldest Little Button is calling every tall building the Eiffel Tower!

IMG_6803IMG_6902IMG_7105 IMG_7120IMG_7316IMG_7294IMG_7423IMG_7455IMG_7497   IMG_7557IMG_7565


~ Laura xx ~

Hip Hip Hooray! It’s our Birthday!

little button diaries

Today is our 2nd blog birthday! Hooray! The past two years have flown by in a world of craft and toddlers. We’re thoroughly loving what we get to do every day and blogging has introduced us to some truly inspiring crafters, bloggers and parents.

We started blogging as a way to record all the things we got up to with our little buttons, all the crafty projects we’d started but never finished and all the baking we wanted to do but never found the time. Our blog was our own little way of giving us focus and motivating us to finish stuff – because it’s not easy when you have a baby (or 4!). And now it’s second nature. We love writing it and we feel really lucky to have some fun crafty projects on the horizon to keep us busy.

Thank you for joining us for the past two years and watching our blog and little families grow. We wouldn’t be here without you.

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

Craft Trends: Paper

Hello folks. Welcome to our new series of fortnightly craft round-ups! We’re going to focus on crafts, styles or materials that are currently trending.  We’re starting with paper because we’ve developed a new passion for it since starting working with Paperchase. So here are our favourite papercraft tutorials on the web at the moment.

little button diaries craft trends 1 paper

1. Rainbow Paper Cake by Make My Lemonade 

2. String Tie Envelopes by Minieco

3. Our Paper Train over on Paperchase

4. Washi Tape Scripts Cards from Omiyage Blogs

5. Pinwheel Party Favour by Oh Happy Day

6. Geoball Desk box with printable by Heart Handmade

How scrumptious is that cake?! We will be making every single one of these. We’ll be focusing on Copper Crafts in our next round, stay tuned…

Tia & Laura x




Easy Polymer Clay Jewellery

polymer clay jewellery little button diaries

I’ve always loved fimo, when I was little I used to make tons of toy food and things for my dolls house. But I haven’t really made anything with it as an adult, I’m not sure why. We’ve done a few polymer clay projects for Hobbycraft recently and its reminded me how great the stuff is. It’s easy to work with, solid and waterproof – making it great for jewellery.

You will need:

  • Polymer Clay (here I used yellow, white & turquoise)
  • Pin
  • Coordinating embroidery thread
  • Ring bases
  • Strong glue
  1. Begin by cleaning your hands and drying on paper towel, or the clay will have bits of fluff in it! Get a clean white plate to work on.

1. First for the Ombre Beads! Get a piece of clay (about 1″) in your chosen colour, such as mustard yellow. Make the first bead by working a 1/2″ lump of yellow between your fingers to make it more malleable, then roll it into a ball.

polymer bead necklace 2

2. Next you will need to add white to the clay, little by little, until you have the right shade for the next bead – about 3 parts yellow to 1 part white. Roll another bead a little smaller than the last. Add more white to the clay and continue like this until you have the number of beads you are after (I made 4). The beads below are on the necklace already – I guess I forgot to snap that step. You get the idea though!

polymer bead necklace 10

3. Very gently push and wiggle a pin into the clay to make a hole. Hold the sides of the bead and be careful not to squash the bead out of shape. Roll it a little to make sure it is spherical then poke the pin through once more.

polymer bead necklace 3

4. To make the clay ball rings, select 2 shades of clay in coordinating colours. Roll 2 pieces of clay into balls as before. Or make tons and decide later on which ones you will use (you can never have too many clay balls…)

polymer bead necklace 4

5. Bake the clay in the oven as per the guidelines – it will take about 30 minutes on a low heat to harden the clay. Try to keep them from touching one another…if you can… if you did a good job of rolling them into spherical balls this should feel like a Crystal Maze challenge (which, judging by the picture below, I failed)!

polymer bead necklace 1

6. Thread the beads onto embroidery thread with a needle and tie the jewellery fastener bits on the ends.  To neaten the loose ends, dot a small amount of glue on and glue the ends down the thread, twisting between your fingers.

polymer bead necklace 5 polymer bead necklace 7

7. Glue the balls onto ring bases.  To make this easier, roll up some paper towel and slide the rings on – this will keep them in place whilst the glue dries. (maybe use quick drying glue here – my balls did not want to stay on their bases…)

polymer bead necklace 12

That’s it, easy peasy. You could make the beads to fit on a chain instead of embroidery thread, but the holes would have to be a lot larger unless you can remove the clasp.

Tia x

polymer bead necklace 17 polymer bead necklace 9polymer bead necklace 14 polymer bead necklace 16polymer bead necklace 20

p.s. We’re finalists in the Mad Blog Awards. If you have 30 seconds to spare, and would like to vote for us to win, please click on the link, http://www.tots100.co.uk/vote/ and select us from the craft category. Fanks!