Life In Pictures

life in pictures bath 1

This week, amongst all the usual business of nursery, classes and just living, we had a breakthrough at bath times. After nearly a year of asking Harper if she wants to share her bath with Grayson (so we could save a valuable ten minutes at the end of the day) she finally started letting him! There was a lot more water outside the bath than in it by the end, but they seemed to both love it. Grayson is at the age where he idolises Harper so to spend bath times with her is clearly making him very happy!

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Craft Trend #13: Love

Hooray for Friday which means it’s time for another craft trend from us. It’s hard to ignore the love and hearts themed makes and bakes that have been filling up our Pinterest and Instagram feed this week so we’re embracing Valentine’s Day with six of our favourite love crafts for you to try in time for the big day itself.

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Are all Toddlers Vain? How to Make a Photo Puzzle

personalised photo puzzle DIY

This is a question I ask myself daily. My Little Button simply loves photos of herself and making funny faces in the mirror. Are other toddlers like this? One of the other things she’s into at the moment is a good puzzle, so I made her a personalised photo puzzle to enjoy. This puzzle is fairly simple to make, only needs a few materials but does need good cutting skills, so it’s a project to do when you’ve got good powers of concentration. My first attempt gave Grayson one eye as I did it when I was particularly tired!

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Life In Pictures

little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 1

This week we’ve had a busy week of work leading up to a photoshoot for the front cover of our third book. The girls were collectively the best behaved they’ve ever been at one of these shoots (probably because of the biscuit bribery we used!).


This was the highlight of the shoot, where we gave them handfuls of glitter and they had to blow it towards the camera. The poor photographer ended up looking like a glitter ball by the fourth take. In between photos there was quite a lot of waiting around whilst things got set up but they seemed to be quite happy amusing themselves sat on a window ledge for most of it.

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Doodle Birthday Cake

doodle cake DIY

The last cake I made, Harper really wanted to help with (or eat) the icing. I felt a little mean as I said no as it was nearly bedtime and promised that she could help with the next one. So I made a cake for my Mum’s birthday and thought this would be the perfect one for her to help decorate. This doodle cake is brilliant as it’s basically a blank, edible canvas to create a toddler masterpiece on. The lovely thing about this bake is each cake is completely different depending on the age and artistic ability of your tot.

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Unicorn Applique Pillow

unicorn applique cushion tutorial little button diaries

I have a child who is obsessed with Unicorns. We went to London Zoo a few months ago and on the way there, we were asking her what Animals she most wanted to see. “ummmmm…. unicorns & whales!”, she said. I had to really work hard to persuade her that kangaroos as WAY more exciting than whales. She cried when I said unicorns aren’t real, and I felt so bad.

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Plaster of Paris Pen Pots


We’re going through a bit of a Plaster of Paris obsession recently (take a look at the Mini PoP Magnets and tea light holders Laura made recently). So when Docrafts Creativity Magazine asked us to make them some pen pots we obviously jumped at the chance! You can read about how to make them in their latest issue, which is out now. We’ve got a few more projects coming up in future issues and are looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

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Life In Pictures

grandparents 2

This week, well, to be honest – its been raining and freezing for most the week so to say we have done a great deal…. would be a bit fat lie! Harper did get to spend some quality time with the grandparents which was a nice break.


Before kids I never thought I’d give mine an ipad. And yet here I am, it gets whipped out more than it probably should!

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Craft Trends #12: Monochrome

It’s our first craft trend of 2016 and we don’t know if it’s because we’re in a dark and gloomy month but we were drawn to monochrome to kick off the trends for this year. Doesn’t everything just look that much cooler in monochrome? Even the word is cool! We’re big fans of black and white crafts and we’ve seen heaps of them flash by recently – so we’ve picked our faves for you to try this weekend:

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DIY Marching Drum

marching drum

Finding inspiration for craft projects is something I don’t find comes easy to me, and the more I try to come up with things to make, the fewer ideas I seem to have. Recently, I have been looking for inspiration around the house and seeing what interests Harper has, to see if there were any projects she might like if I made them for her. She is noisy and chaotic and enjoys being as loud as possible, so to upcycle an old cake tin into a drum seemed like the perfect project.

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Our Big Announcement!


Sorry in advance for our inability to remain cool throughout this post. BUT we are just too excited…we can’t contain it.  We spent all of last year working on some really big projects behind the scenes of the blog and we’re finally able to tell you about them. We’ve been writing three kids crafts books. Our first two books (our books! Squeeal!) are officially published and available now to pre-order (available to buy from March).  Our third one is out later in the year.

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Life In Pictures: Sheffield Park

sheffield park 6

We took a trip to Sheffield Park to get some fresh air and start using our newly purchased National Trust membership.  Its such a lovely place, surrounded by lakes with ducks everywhere.

Lilah decided that ducks are absolutely terrifying. She went from feeding them happily to screaming within about 3 seconds.

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Mini Rainbow Meringues

rainbow meringues little button diaries

I went to my meet my friend Alice last week and, knowing that she is a big fan of meringue, I thought I would have a go at making her some mini rainbows to brighten up the grey wet that surrounds us right now. The fact that I forgot to take them with me was a bit annoying! I’m now left munching my way through these little gems.

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Life In Pictures: Ice Ice Baby


During the Christmas break I had grand plans of putting my feet up and switching the computer off for a week or so. Unluckily, I ended up getting flu and missing the whole thing. But we did manage to do one winter activity and take a trip to the Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink for a turn around the ice with a nice penguin called Magnus. We had the help of the grandparents to look after Grayson, and wave from the side of the rink, which was such a nice treat.

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Mini Motivational Magnets

mini magnet diy

Ok, so these magnets didn’t start off being mini. When the mould arrived after ordering it online I realised I didn’t read the dimensions on the website. Does anyone else do that? The amount of things that I buy that are too big or small is an embarrassing number. Anyway, I made these little magnets to send in the post to my friend Angela just to let her know that I think she rocks, every time she opens her fridge! I probably could have just sent this in a text message but everyone loves getting surprise packages in the post, right?!

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