Take One Granny Dress…

Thinking it was retro cool, I scooped up this delightful orange dress in a jumble sale last August. But, as is often the case with clothes I buy on a whim, when I tried it on at home it was definitely on the frump side. A year later and it’s still sitting in my “alter me” pile (which, to be honest, is more of a mountain…). But, with our spanking new blog to motivate me I decided the time had come to whip out my sewing machine and do a bit of hacking. I snipped off the puffy sleeves, nipped in the waist and took about a foot off the bottom and, hey presto, a lovely new dress!

Image Image

I am by no means a perfectionist, so I won’t be asking anyone to look closely at my handy work, but it is definitely wearable now – hoorah! Plus I have lots of left over scraps of vintage fabric that could be turned into a scarf or something. Well, yes, they’ll probably end up on another large pile but I’m a bit of a hoarder and I can’t help it!

Tia x

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