The Stars Shine All Day Too

frame artwork tutorial

A while ago, I bought some small (and very cheap) ikea frames without really knowing what I was going to do with them. But I’ve always liked the idea of using the glass by itself to display stuff and letting light be part of the picture.

So I tore the backing and mount card off one of the frames and decided to fill it with some simple text. A photo would work really well too I think, maybe I’ll try that next.
I printed out some words and went about snipping the text out. This was a bit laborious (a good scalpel would have made things quicker. Must buy…) but I did it whilst half watching some rubbish on TV to take my mind off. I then marked out the positioning for the text with a highlighter and prit-sticked the words in place on the back of the glass. You could sandwich the words between two bits of glass which probably would be better, but I didn’t want to waste two frames.
That’s it! The whole thing tool me about 15 minutes* and I’m really happy with how it looks.
*oh, excluding the boring cutting time. That took me hours.
Tia xx