Nap Time Crafts: Cake Bunting

So here we go, a very simple and easy project that takes under 30 minutes to complete and gives you a cute little cake topper that can be used and reused to decorate your bakes. So get the lullabies playing and switch on your sewing machine…

You will need:
A small amount of fabric, preferably with a tiny print
Tailor’s chalk or disappearing ink
Embroidery thread and needle
A sewing machine (it could be hand sewn, but that would take longer)
Pinking shears or standard sewing scissors
2 wooden kebab sticks

To begin, take your fabric and fold it in half wrong sides together. With an air erasable pen mark on the outline of the bunting – you can use a paper template for uniformity if you prefer. Leave about a 1 cm gap between each flag to enable you to cut them out later. I made 8 flags, each one about 3 cm high.


Next, pin the fabric just next to the fold, leaving a small (about 3 mm) gap to allow room for the thread that will hang your bunting. You can then sew along your pen lines, but be sure to just sew to where you have pinned, not all the way to the fold.

If you want to, before cutting out your bunting you can embroider some text into each flag. My bunting is for a wedding cake that I am making for my brother and his fiancee who are getting married in August (Gulp, scary scary! I will be posting some DIY wedding cake tips in the beginning of August when I make my cake if you’re interested in doing the same). So I embroidered “Mr & Mrs” into my flags. This might take you a wee bit longer than 30 minutes, so if you only have that nap time then omit this step!


Finally, snip out each flag with pinking shears if you have them, take the needle and feed the embroidery thread through the gap at the top of each flag.


You can then tie the thread to your flag poles (okay, kebab sticks. Flag poles sound better…) and voila! Beautiful, simple and (above all!) speedy cake bunting.


Tia xx

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