Nap Time Crafts: DIY Baby’s Bib

I was on the look out for some new bibs the other day (my existing ones have become so ground in with food I’m embarrassed to bring them out in public!) and whilst looking at one in a shop it struck me how easy it would be to make my own. I have so much fabric lying about that needed using up… So I thought I’d try it on a spare scrap.

You will need:
A bib to act as a template
Small piece of heavy fabric – e.g. canvas or oilcloth
Bias binding
Sewing machine

First, take the existing bib and pin it to your fabric. Draw around the bib and cut it out. I then folded my cutout in half to check it was symmetrical and trimmed off the uneven bits.



Pin the binding around the outer edge of the fabric, as shown in the picture, and sew in place. Then take another length of binding for the neckline. Measure it against your existing bib and cut it long enough to be able to tie a loop at the back. For my bib the binding measured 65cm. Again, pin and sew in place.



Then all you need to do is iron your bib flat – the binding may cause it to curl round the neckline but this is easily pressed out.

The whole thing took me a whopping twenty minutes – admittedly split into two chunks as my little one decided ten minutes was all she needed for her ‘nap’ today. Easy. And you have a lovely new bib that’s far too pretty to actually be used….

Tia xx


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