A little Wobbly (Wonky!) Soft toy

wobbly soft toy tutorial

Yesterday I found the remains of a broken soft vibrating toy that got eaten by a mouse a few months back (I know! Finding a pile of destroyed nibbled toys is not a fun moment…). Inside was a little plastic box that shakes when you pull the string. I also had some soft fabric from a baby grow I had when I was little, so I thought I’d try and make Amelie a little cuddly wobbly toy.

I’ve never made a soft toy before so I had absolutely no idea what I was doing… And it didn’t come out quite as the vision in my head… But lets say the little creature (bear? Almost?) has character! Read on if you fancy trying it.

You will need:

Some soft fabric
A sewing machine
Two buttons for eyes
A vibrating toy motor (hack an old toy apart or buy one from a craft shop!)
Soft toy filling

To begin, draw out the shape of the toy you would like on paper. This can be pretty much anything, but softer curves are easier to sew. Trace this shape onto fabric. Then cut out a front and a back and four ear shapes, making sure you allow the seam.

wobbly3  wobbly

Take your front piece and embellish it as you want – I sewed on button eyes, a fabric nose and a soft tummy shape.

Sew together the ears, right sides together, leaving a gap at the bottom. Turn out, stuff lightly with filling and then pin in place to the front of the body so that they are pointing inside the fabric (i.e. covering the eyes – rather than facing out).  Sew the front and back of the toy right sides together leaving a two inch gap at the bottom. Snip little notches along the edges wherever there is a curve. Turn the right way out and then stuff.


Insert the motor with the stuffing, snip a little hole in the toys bottom (ouch) and feed the string through the hole so that it pokes out the back like a tail. You can then stitch on a tail that can be pulled to make the toy wobble. This could be just a strip of fabric, but I made a little pompom by cutting out a two inch circle, loosely stitching around the edge, gathering it to create a ball, stuffing and sewing to the string.

wobbly5  wobbly6

Then all you need to do is stitch the hole up from where you’ve stuffed it and your done. He is by no means perfect… but we like the home made look! And the recipient seems to quite like him. Her. It?!

Tia x


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  1. So cute. I had a koala bear when I was growing up (in fact, if I looked closely, I could probably find it in my loft) which was exactly this shape. You’ve made a cuddly koala :-)

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