Nailed it!

nail and thread art diy

Not many craft projects get me in a shed of an afternoon, but this one did*.

I’ve been wanting to make a piece of art for my Little Button’s nursery to add a dash of colour. I took inspiration from Pinterest to create this typographic nail and thread art.

If you want to create your own, all you need is:

  • A piece of wood (mine was A4 sized)
  • Nails
  • Thread or wool
  • A hammer
  • Masking tape
  • An awl


1. Prep the wood by either varnishing or painting it.

2. Sketch out the letter onto paper, then use masking tape to attach it to the wood.


3. Use an awl to make holes 1cm apart along the outline of the letter. Then hammer the nails in making sure you leave part of the nail exposed so it’s easier to wrap the thread around it. Once all the nails are in place take the paper template off the wood.

IMG_8532 IMG_8543

4. Now the fun begins… Tie the thread onto one nail in the corner and weave it around the letter several times to get the outline. I used neon pink thread from the Brighton Sewing Centre to make the letter stand out against the plain background.

nail and thread are

nail and thread art

Once you’ve gone round the outline, get creative with the middle.

Thinking bigger? Take inspiration from here and create a whole wall of nail and thread art!

~ Laura xx ~

*Not to be attempted if you have a sleeping baby as it’s a rather noisy project to try!

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  1. Now that my eleven year old daughter is quite independent we find it hard to find things we both like doing together, me and her had a little go at it and instantly fell in love. We have now done a whole alphabet using just this technique. IT IS SO ADDICTIVE! Great for all ages.

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