DIY Wedding Cake Tutorial

My brother and his Fiancee, Nora, got married last week and to help them save some pennies I offered to make their wedding cake. Nerve-wracking as this was (What am I thinking?! What if it goes WRONG!), making the cake was a lot easier than I thought it would be. If you’re interested in making a wedding cake yourself, read on…


Equipment you will need:
3 cake tins sized 10cm, 18cm and 25cm in diameter
2 Cake boards the size of the biggest two cakes
A Spirit level
Baking parchment
3 cake dowels

Bake: I made two basic sponges and one fruit cake for the base cake. I got my recipes from a wedding cake book, but you can find them easily online too.

Prepare: Ensure the cakes are flat with the spirit level (this bit’s important – my cakes were a teensy bit on the wonky side..!). Cover each sponge cake with butter icing and the fruit cake with a layer of marzipan (the marzipan is best done at least a few days before).

cake5  cake3

Ice: Cut a piece of baking parchment in a circle 10cm bigger than your cake and dust with icing sugar. Roll out fondant icing to fit the parchment – you’ll need around 2kg in total. Lift the parchment and place carefully on the cake. Peel off the paper and smooth down onto the cake (NB this is the bit I found hardest! I would recommend a bit of youtubing to see the professionals doing it before attempting). Cut off the excess.

Stack: Dowels are required in the bottom cake to take the weight of the other two. Push three into the bottom cake. Mark with a pen, pull out and cut to the height of the cake. Put them back in and rest the middle cake (on its board) on top. The smallest cake does not require a board.

Decorate: I chose to decorate my cake with miniature sugar paste flowers that I bought from hobbycraft and finish with the bunting I made previously (click here to see tutorial). Now sit down and have a cup of tea and admire your handy work!

cake2  cake1

Tia xx

P.s. If you’re Brighton based and like to bake, why not enter Brighton’s very own Bake Off competition? Find details here.

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  1. This is brilliant and totally what baking is about, lucky brother and sister in law! Such simple decoration but has real impact!

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