DIY Fabric Cot Tidy

Its nice to have a little place to store the little toys and things you need for bedtime, so I decided to make a very simple cot tidy to hang on the side of Amelie’s bed. I’ve seen a few in baby shops and they always seem pretty basic to make.

cot tidy 1

So I took a piece of thick canvas (measuring about 75x50cm) and sewed bias binding all the way around to neaten the edges. I also made 4 strips of the binding for the ties and sewed these to the top corners.

I made 6 pockets from the same thick canvas, cutting each about 13x10cm. Onto each square I appliqued a little scene from fabric scraps. I sewed the fabric directly on to the canvas in the shapes I wanted and then snipped along the stitching so that there was just a very small raw edge, making the stitching look neat. I then took some contrasting fabric in the same size for the lining and sewed it to the back of the fabric, right sides together, leaving a gap along the bottom to turn the fabric out.

After pressing the pockets flat I sewed them in place directly onto the cot tidy and that was me done. I really like how it turned out and, unlike a lot of my ‘projects’ its actually proving very useful!

Tia xxx

cot tidy 4

cot tidy 2

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  1. This is lovely and so detailed, clever you! You really should think about selling the things you make. x

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