Nap Time Crafts: Family Cameos

family cameo DIY

I have taken so many photos since my Little Button arrived that I don’t quite know what to do with them all. Inspired by Kirstie Allsopp, I decided to create a family portrait for our hallway using some of these photos, giving them a vintage cameo twist.

For this Nap Time Craft you will need:

  • Pictures (in profile) of your family members
  • Craft knife
  • Black acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Decorative card and glue
  • Photo frames

To begin, print out your photos on normal white paper. You do not need photo paper for this.

Using a craft knife, carefully cut out the photos. I curved the bottom of my photos to give them a slightly Victorian feel.


Paint each photo with two coats of black acrylic paint and leave them to dry.


Glue them onto the decorative card…


… and frame!

Family cameo DIY

family cameo DIY

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try this for ages, but I’m afraid of my dodgy cutting out skills. You make it look so easy, so maybe I’ll just take the plunge 😉

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