Baby Friendly Finger Painting!

Now that the weather is getting a bit greyer (booooo, winter), I’ve been looking for ways to entertain my toddler without the option of dropping her into the sandpit at my local park. I came across an article in a Brighton magazine about making your own baby-friendly edible paint, so I thought I’d invite a few of Amelie’s friends over and give it a go.

To make it all you do is mix corn flour with hot water to get a paste consistency (about a cup of flour to 2 cups of water) and then add a good glug of food colouring. I laid down sheets of paper and put out a few things the babies could stick into the paint, like sponges and paintbrushes (although to be honest they mainly dived straight in with their hands). We made sure our tots were wearing old clothes and then just let them at it. It was definitely chaotic, but it was nice to actually let them go a bit crazy and make a big mess.

baby painting 1 baby painting 3

baby painting 2

If anyone out there has any more suggestions for how to occupy a 16 month old on rainy days I’d be really happy to hear them because I’m rapidly running out of inspiration!

Tia x

2 thoughts on “Baby Friendly Finger Painting!

  1. I tried this with my two year old niece and she loved doing it! My four year old son also found it amazing fun. Best of all, after we had finished there was paint EVERWHERE but it just wiped away effortlessly, using only a wet cloth.

  2. Ha ha! It’s always a bit scary seeing paint go all over everything (I still find little sploshes of it now!) but satisfying how easily it comes off. Glad you had fun x

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