Nap Time Crafts: A Twig Necklace

I saw this gorgeous DIY necklace on blog popsicles&pinatas a few weeks ago of a necklace made from a twig wrapped in embroidery thread. It looked awesome so I decided to attempt my own version.  I popped to the local park and scoured the ground for suitable twigs. Yes, I did look a bit odd. But I had the end vision in mind so I put up with it.  When I found my chosen bit of twig (which took longer than anticipated… I had a very clear image of what said twig should look like!) I got straight to it – and it really only took me 15 minutes to make. A perfect little project to do during nap times!

You will need:
A bit of twig – make sure its not easily breakable
About 3 colours of embroidery thread
A necklace (one that you’re happy to destroy. Or I should say upcycle, that sounds better…)
Scissors & Plierstwig 1

Take a piece of thread and glue it to the end of the twig. Leave for a few moments (depending on your glue – I was using that ‘dries instantly and glues all your fingers together’ kind.) then wind the thread tightly around the twig, covering over the glued bit. Once you’ve covered a section to your liking, cut and glue the loose end down. Take another piece of thread and glue alongside the last section, and wrap around as before, being sure to cover over the glue again. Continue with different threads until the whole twig is covered.

Next take your pliers and simply chop the necklace in half. Okay, it goes completely against the grain to chop a perfectly good necklace in half! So maybe don’t do it with an antique gold piece. I got mine from Amazon – its silver plated but only cost £4. Still painful though…

Then take your glue (make sure its suitable for metal or it might not hold) and glue the loose necklace ends to each end of the twig. Voila! A lovely new necklace. I just showed mine to my mum, who told me it looks like a dog’s bone. Hmm. I’m going to put that down to stylistic differences. I still love it!

Tia x

twig necklace 1

twig necklace