Orange and White Chocolate Birthday Cake

My lovely mum turned 60 last week. Happy Birthday Mum! To celebrate in cakey style, I made her an orange and white chocolate birthday cake (I followed  this recipe from

The cake incorporates ground almonds, orange zest and juice to give a lovely moistness. The icing is a combination of creme fraiche and melted white chocolate. Delish.

I didn’t have two cake tins the same size so I used a pair that were just a teeny tiny centimeter different. This is not a good idea! It looked a bit rubbish when I piled the two cakes up, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Its a good thing lashings of icing (almost) manages to cover a multitude of sins.

Thanks mum for being a wonderful calming presence to me over the years, and of course for being the super gran that you now are.

Tia x chocolate and orange cake

chocolate and orange cake 2

chocolate and orange cake 3

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