Fabric Baby Quiet book

I am really happy to say I’ve finally finished a project that I have been working on for the last year. Well, that’s not technically true. To be honest, I got stuck on a bit and put it into my sewing bag – out of sight, out of mind – for four months. I have a bit of a habit of doing that. But its finished now, hoorah! My Fabric baby activity book.

baby book 1

30 years ago my mum made the most amazing soft book when my brother was born. I’ve always loved it and, as she clearly wouldn’t give it to Amelie ( I did try), I decided to create something similar. I should start by saying mine is nowhere near as good as my mum’s. I tried, but she did follow a pattern whereas I kind of made it all up as I went along with scraps I had in my basket. The idea was to have a soft book with a different activity on each page. With some thinking about what activities will help Amelie’s motor skills, I made 5 pages like this:

baby book 2a frog with a zip up mouth

baby book 4a mouse in a squeaking teacup

baby book 5

an elephant with lace up shoes

baby book 3a squirrel with buttoned on balloons

baby bppk 6a bird box with birds in a little pocket.

Sewing on the activities was relatively straightforward – I did a lot of satin stitching so that I could leave the edges raw, and I also used a wonder web backing to strengthen the finer fabrics. The problem I had was working out how to bind the book together. In the end, after several months of procrastinating, I bought some large eyelets and hammered them along the sides of the book, attaching them with simple key rings.

I was so happy to give it to Amelie, finally! And at 17 months I think she’s at the right age for it now. Wouldn’t it have been awful if she’d outgrown it… phew!


baby book 8

Tia xx


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  1. This book is adorable :) I particularly love the squirrel- it’s so sweet! Looking forward to reading about more of your lovely craft projects :)

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