Nap Time Crafts: Halloween Pumpkin Headband

halloween hair band tutorial

Halloween is scarily close. If you’re in need of a simple costume that gives a nod to Fright Night then try today’s Nap Time Craft.

For this project you will need:

  • 1 sheet of orange felt
  • Embroidery thread in yellow, black and green
  • Needle, scissors & a pencil
  • Orange thin elastic
  • Embroidery pins

Halloween felt hair clip

Begin by drawing two pumpkin shapes of the same size onto the felt. Cut them out along with a small rectangular piece for the backing.


Sew the rectangular piece onto the centre of one of the pumpkin pieces using cross stitch. This will form the back of your hairband so it can be fastened onto the elastic.


On the other pumpkin shape embroider the detail of the pumpkin face. I satin stitched the stem of the pumpkin in green. I used running stitch in yellow down the centre and back stitch in black for the face. For a guide to these stitches please see our Pinterest board.

halloween pumpkin

Before sewing the outer edge of the pumpkin in yellow, pin the back piece of felt to the front. Sew using running stitch to bind the two pieces together.

Finally measure your baby’s head and cut a piece of elastic a little bit bigger. Thread the elastic through the back of the pumpkin and sew the two ends of the elastic together. I used a series of cross stitches to make it secure.

Halloween hairband tutorial

You can also turn the pumpkin into a hair clip by threading an existing clip through the back.

Halloween hairband tutorial

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