Rainy Day Play Dough

Apparently, say the little people on TV, its going to rain cats and dogs over the next few days. We with our little buttons don’t like to be stuck indoors (which is why we spend so much time in these cafes!) and we get a bit cabin feverish after a few hours. At 18 months, Amelie is at an age where I sometimes struggle to think of activities in the house that will actually entertain her. And me for that matter.

Anyway, last time it rained all day we managed to happily kill a few hours by making some play dough. We followed this recipe from www.instructables.com. You can make a cold or cooked play dough, but the latter, with the inclusion of cream of tartar, apparently creates greater elasticity.

play dough 1

I laid our big plastic tablecloth out on the floor and let Amelie get involved in the whole process of making the play dough as well as playing with it at the end. So she ‘helped’ me add the flour, salt and mix in the water. Once cooked I kneaded in the food colouring (it does require a lot of food colouring!) and we were done.

play dough 3

Inevitably, she spent the first 15 minutes thinking it was food and just trying to eat it, but I eventually convinced her that it could be turned into a ball, a snake or even a slightly wonky duck. She very much enjoyed mashing all of these things to smithereens.

If anyone out there has any more suggestions for occupying a toddler indoors… well I’m struggling for inspiration and they would be very much appreciated!

play dough

Tia xx

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