Pencil Crayon Ring

crayon ring6

Last night I had one of those nights where you just lie there, incessantly awake. For hours. I couldn’t blame the baby, or the snorer that lay next to me, just my own chattering brain. I kept thinking about house jobs that needed to be done and ideas of things I could make.

I have tons of ring bases sitting in a box, waiting to be turned into something. I think I’d like to attempt something with air dry clay, but first I thought I’d try making a ring with an old colouring pencil. So I did that – and it was super simple.

crayon ring1


  • pencil crayon
  • small saw
  • ring base
  • sandpaper
  • superglue

Take your saw (I used a junior hacksaw) and cut off about 8mm from the end of the crayon. Repeat this process until you have 7 chunks of crayon – they don’t need to be neat or even at this stage.

crayon ring4Glue each of the chunks together in a honeycomb structure.

crayon ring5

Once the glue has set, you then need to sand the crayons down with a piece of sandpaper. Do this until the surface of the ring is completely smooth and repeat on the reverse.

crayon ring3

Glue the crayons to your ring base.

crayon ring2

All done. Nice new lovely ring for anyone feeling a bit arty.

crayon ring1

Tia x

14 thoughts on “Pencil Crayon Ring

  1. Iv’e been wanting to do a couple of these ring projects for a while now, but I don’t know where to buy the ring bases. Where did you get yours?

  2. I picked mine up from a Brighton Bead shop – Kerrie Berrie, but you can get them on Amazon and in Hobbycraft too. I’ve got 8 left over… Shame I can’t share! X

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