DIY Button & Potato Stamp Christmas Cards

diy button and potato stamp christmas card

Every year I have a go at making my own Christmas cards. Usually I pick something too complicated for duplication, I don’t start until far too near to Christmas and I end up feeling like I’m on a ridiculous production line with each card getting more and more botched (last year I made cards which each had a little clay jigsaw piece on them. Hours. And it looked a bit rubbish). This year though, thanks to much Pinsperation, I was organised and decided to make them all the other day. High five! I went really simple and made cards featuring potato stamped branches and button baubles.

Heres how I made it…

Blank cards
A potato (feels odd writing that)
Sharp knife
Paint & brush
Black pen

I began by cutting my potato in half and drawing out a branch shape in ink pen. I took my knife and cut the shape out, leaving a few jagged edges to create more of a rough look.

potato stamp 2I then painted the branch shape with black paint, did a few practice stamps to check it looked okay and then printed in place on each of the cards.

potato stamp 3

Once dried, little lines were drawn on to the branch to look like string….

potato stamp 4

…and then buttons were glued in place!

potato stamp 6

For the first time in about 3 Christmases I’m happy with how my cards look, and they only took me a couple of hours to make. I was going to draw each branch on when I thought about making a potato stamp to save time. Potato stamps are the future!!!

potato stamp 5

potato stamp 7

Tia xx

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  1. Thank you, that’s sweet of you. I definitely over complicate normally, simple is by far the better option… Especially at Christmas. Don’t ever make clay cards! X

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