Christmas Ho, Ho, Homemade Decorations

For months, the shops have been full of Christmas decorations – a large number of which look surprisingly cheap given how expensive they are!

So we decided to have a go at making our own. These decorations are nice and versatile, and would look just as good propped on a mantelpiece, or lent against a snow-capped window, as they would tucked up by the turkey in the centre of your Christmas table.

christmas decoration

Each sign starts with the same base, and then I experimented with different decorations. For the base you need:

To begin, cut the front off each letter by using a craft knife and carefully peel it away. Take the cardboard stuffing out of the middle so it is empty.


Next cut the oasis to snugly fit into the letters. I secured it with a touch of glue on the back before slotting it into place.

IMG_3653 IMG_3672

Because the sides of the letters would still be visible once decorated, I decided to spray them gold. I used decorative gold spray that’s on sale in most places that sell Christmas decorations.


Once the gold is dry, you are ready to decorate the letters.

christmas decoration tutorial

For the bauble finish you need:

  • Approximately 70 small baubles
  • Glue

Begin by pulling off the tops of the baubles and putting glue around the top. Insert the top of the bauble into the oasis foam. Repeat with the other baubles until each letter is full up.

christmas decoration tutorial

For the pine cone ‘Ho’ you will need:

christmas decoration tutorial

  • Pine cones
  • An assortment of flowers, berries and holly
  • Floristry wire
  • Cutting shears

For this decoration I used a selection of pine cones, holly and festive flowers. For each item I wrapped a small amount of floristry wire around the base and inserted this into the oasis foam. The flowers/pine cones can easily be pulled out and rearranged until you have your desired look. This was the quickest of the Hos to do.

christmas decoration tutorial

For the tinsel ‘Ho’ you need:

  • Two colours of tinsel
  • Floristry wire
  • Secateurs, or sharp scissors

Cut the tinsel into chunks approximately 7cm long. Then wrap floristry wire around the centre of each chunk and insert it into the oasis foam. Continue until the whole letter is filled up.

christmas decoration tutorial

Some of the definition of the letters was lost with the tinsel because of its bushy nature. You might want to trim the edges of the tinsel to make them easier to read.

christmas decoration tutorial

~Laura xx~

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