Nap Time Crafts: Leather Tassel Keyring

leather tassel keyring tutorial

At the end of last year we moved into a new house. This was a big deal for my little family as we had been living in a basement flat that we’d outgrown. To mark the occasion I wanted to make a sparkly new keyring for my new set of house keys (and how I love saying house keys, not flat keys!).

For this Nap Time Craft you will need:

  • Leather, cut into a rectangle of approximately 30cm (w) x 8cm (h)
  • Superglue
  • A hairband/elastic band
  • Keyring loop
  • Sharp scissors

Begin by cutting off a strip of fabric 1.5cm wide to make the keyring loop. Put this to one side.


Take the remaining leather and draw a line across the length of the material, approximately 2cm down from the top. This is so you know where to stop cutting your tassels.

Draw vertical lines 1cm apart from the bottom of the fabric up to your horizontal line. This marks out your tassels.


Then cut out your vertical lines to make the tassels.


To make the keyring loop, fold over the small piece of fabric you cut out earlier. Fold it in half and place the keyring loop in the middle. Secure the two ends together with superglue and leave to dry.

Once this has dried attach it to the large piece of leather by glueing.

Put superglue along the whole of the top of the leather and gently roll the keyring loop, as if you were making a Swiss Roll! Add a little extra superglue to the end to make sure it doesn’t unravel.


Secure with an elastic band until the superglue has set.


The best bit is that they’re even easier to find in your bag!

~ Laura xx ~

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