Tetris Cross Stitch Chair


DIY Tetris chair

I’ve been on the lookout for a cross stitch project for a while. While I was browsing in a second-hand furniture shop recently, I came across a mountain of chairs. Poking out the top was one that immediately caught my eye – a battered old wicker-backed chair badly in need of some TLC and wool! I knew I had found my blank canvas – now I just needed a design. I wanted my chair to have a modern twist, and a friend pointed out that Tetris is back!

For this project you will need:

  • A chair with a wicker section in need of upcycling
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood paint & Paintbrush
  • Wool in 6 bright colours & needle

Begin by sanding down the chair to remove the old paint. Then cover the chair with undercoat and primer and paint it a light colour.

DIY Cross stitch chair tutorial cross stitch chair tutorial DIY

My chair needed 4 coats of paint to achieve a solid colour (pictured after 2 coats), though I was going from black to cream.

After the paint has dried you’re ready to stitch. I did a Google search for Tetris and copied the pattern from that.

  DIY Tetris Cross stitch chair tutorial DIY Tetris Cross stitch chair tutorial

Starting in one corner use cross stitch to complete each shape. Use a large knot when beginning each shape so the thread is secure. Tie all loose ends each time you change colour to ensure the threads do not get tangled as you stitch. I did each cross twice to achieve a more solid block of colour.

IMG_9278 DIY Tetris Cross stitch chair tutorial

Once you have completed the pattern along the bottom of your chair add the falling pieces. I decided to do a few pieces that were nearly in place, and fewer up the back of the chair. Be careful to make the back stitching as neat as possible as it will be visible from the back of the chair. I knotted the ends of each shape together and cut any loose thread off.

 IMG_9346   DIY Tetris Cross stitch chair tutorial

The stitching part of this project is quite time-consuming and took me an evening. It was the perfect excuse to finally start watching Breaking Bad (better later than never!). I’m so pleased with how the chair turned out, I want to just stare at it instead of sit on it!

cross stitch chair

~ Laura xx ~

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