An Artist Inspired Birthday Cake!


It was my father-in-law’s birthday recently and he is a fan of the artist Piet Mondrian. After seeing this amazing cake by American pastry chef, Caitlin Freeman, I wanted to try my best to recreate it. My version may be a little wonky and nowhere as neat as the original, but the birthday boy seemed to liked it!

Mondrain brithday cake

To make this cake you will need:

  • Ingredients to make 2 Victoria Sponges
  • 4 x loaf tins
  • Food colouring paste in blue, yellow and red

For the chocolate ganache filling:

  • 200ml double cream
  • 200g plain chocolate

Mondrian birthday cake Mondrian birthday cake

Make your Victoria sponges according to your recipe. Before putting the sponges in the oven divide your mixture into four. Leave one of them plain, and colour the other three red, yellow and blue. I used food colouring paste as the sponges seemed to be more vibrant than when I use liquid food colouring.

Mondrian birthday cake IMG_9603

Whilst the sponges are cooling, make the ganache. Begin by heating the cream and chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat until the chocolate melts. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk the mixture until it has thickened. Set aside to cool for a few hours. The mixture should have a glossy appearance.

Once the sponges are cooled it’s time to cut and assemble the masterpiece. Begin by cutting off all the sides, tops and bottoms of the cakes.

Mondrian_Composition_II_in_Red,_Blue,_and_Yellow IMG_9605

Using a picture of Mondrian artwork I assembled my cut pieces of cake. You will find there is a lot of cake left over (especially the coloured ones), so bag this up and pop it in the freezer. I intend to make cake pops with mine which you’ll find here soon!


Next, coat each section in ganache and pile them on top of each other. Once all the sections are stacked, coat the sides with the ganache. Don’t worry about either end as they will be neatened up with a knife.


Pop in the fridge for the ganache to set.

Mondrian cake

I’d be the first to admit that the cake is not perfectly straight, but a little bit of wonky cake is ok sometimes!

~ Laura xx ~

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  1. And speaking as the person who ate the cake, I confirm it was beautifully designed, cleverly crafted and baked to perfection. Thanks very much Laura! Alf xx

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