Shrink Plastic Valentines Card: A Nap Time Craft

valentine 6

Valentines day is peeking its ugly (sorry, beautiful…) head around the corner once more. The time when we’re forced against our will to be romantic, bleurgh. Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan. But I just bought some shrink plastic and I had an idea for a card so I thought I would suck it up and make a nice card for Mr Button.

This is a speedy craft, so if you’ve forgotten to get a card but have some shrink plastic lying around (and if you don’t you SHOULD!) why not hop on board.

You will need:
Clear Shrink Plastic
Permanent Black Marker
Blank Card & Envelope
Small foam sticky pads or glue
A photo to trace for the picture

First you will need a photograph to trace onto the plastic. Adjust the image to black and white and set the contrasts high – this will make it easier to pick the lines out to trace (see below). Print the image to about 10x10cm.

 valentine 9 valentine 8

Cut the plastic to slightly bigger than the size of the image and tape in place. With a permanent marker, carefully fill in the lines and dark areas in your image. As I was doing this I thought it was looking very odd…. so stick with it!

valentine 1 valentine 2

Place the plastic on a baking tray and bake as per the instructions – it should only take a few minutes to shrink down.

valentine 3 valentine 4

Using sticky foam pads attached to the back (or glue would work fine), stick the plastic in place on the card and write your message.

valentine 5 

valentine 7

valentine 11

I think shrink plastic might be about to become my new obsession. Apologies in advance if my next 20 posts are about the stuff!

Tia x