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caterpillar 10

I wanted to make a series of appliqued pictures to go above Amelie’s cot (and, if I’m honest, to cover up a pretty ugly hole I created whilst trying to hang the last piece of ‘art’ I made for that room…). I was originally going to make three different animals but I was lacking inspiration for anything beyond a lion that would be easy to applique, so I decided instead to make a caterpillar, split simply into three different pictures.

caterpillar 6

To make, you’ll need:

3 frames
3 squares of backing fabric, each cut to the size of your frame
Fabric scraps
A sewing machine

Using a template (I used a cup measuring about 8cm diameter) cut 10 circles of contrasting fabrics. Then cut 10 circles of bondaweb just slightly smaller. Iron the bond-a-web onto each piece of fabric.

Lay out the three sheets of backing fabric and place the circles to form a caterpillar shape in a pattern you are happy with. Start with the tail picture and work from left to right, overlapping each circle. When you get to the head of the caterpillar make sure it is not overlapped.

Once you’re happy, iron the circles onto the fabric to set the bond-a-web. Then using your sewing machine satin stitch around each circle using contrasting thread (using an embroidery hoop will help to prevent the fabric from puckering – although I didn’t have one big enough and it worked out ok with a bit of pressing!). Again start with the tail and work from left to right – this ensures that your stitches are covered over by the next layer. If that makes sense.

caterpillar 12 caterpillar 11

For the head, draw in place a smile and two antennas with a light pen then satin stitch over each line. Sew on buttons for the eyes.

caterpillar 8

Press the fabric well with an iron and place into your frames. Voila! Its not a work of genius but it looks nice on the wall AND it covers up the ugly hole.

caterpillar 5 caterpillar 3

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