Spiral Quilted Baby Blanket

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With my endless piles of fabric scraps and impending due date peeping round the corner (yikes, where has it come from… I’m so unprepared), I decided to settle down and do a little relaxing evening sewing by making a baby quilt for little button number two. I’ve never quilted anything before, and I wasn’t really sure how to do it! But I learned from my mistakes as I made this blanket and was happy with the outcome.

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Making the blanket was quite easy, just time consuming.

I cut 77 squares of colourful fabric, each measuring 11cmx11cm. I then sewed the squares into strips, making 7 strips each made of 11 squares (this is obviously very flexible depending on the size of blanket you want. And the amount of time you want to spend!). I sewed each square with a 1 cm seam allowance and ironed each seam open.

I then took the strips and sewed them all together in the same way, again with a 1cm seam allowance that I pressed open with the iron as before. I now had a piece of fabric measuring 99x63cm. I cut a piece of backing fabric and wadding to these dimensions.

Then I placed my backing fabric face down on the floor, put the wadding on top and put the squared fabric on top, face up and pinned in place securely.

Okay now THIS was the bit that I found a little challenging – the quilting bit. The common method is to sew along the seams of the fabric, and this would have been time saving. But for some reason I picked spirals. Which was NOT so easy. Mainly because I started from the corner of the blanket, so naturally the fabric started to puff up in the middles and didn’t lay flat. So if you’re quilting yourself, I would recommend starting from the middle and working your way out! I had to cover up some bumpy bits but you probably would only notice if you were within three feet of the blanket (ahem…). Make sure you use a free motion/embroidery foot for the quilting.

Finally I sewed bias binding all the way around the blanket. I’ve struggled with binding corners (“mitered bias binding”) in the past, but this time I decided to learn how to do them properly! I watched this really useful video on youtube and discovered binding round corners is ridiculously easy. All these years I’ve been doing it wrong…

So now I have a baby blanket. I just need to pack my hospital bag. And buy a double buggy. And get the mountains of baby crap out the loft. Gulp.

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Tia xx

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