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Happy birthday glitter banner how to

In a few weeks my Little Button will be one year old. I’m sure every mother says this but I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. She has changed from a tiny baby to my sweet, characterful little girl.

We’re planning a small family party for her and I’m busily preparing decorations for the occasion. I apologise now if my next 50 posts are all birthday craft related!

For this project you will need:

  • Sheets of glitter paper
  • Bakers twine and needle
  • Scissors

(My handwriting isn’t the best, and I wanted to make sure all the letters were the same size and style, so I used a computer to print them out. If you’re more artistic than me, you can skip the next bit and just freestyle!)

Begin by typing your phrase into a programme like Microsoft Word. I used the Arial Black font, sized 300, to print out my wording, and then cut each letter out.

glitter birthday banner

This gave me nice clear template letters, which I could then place on to the glitter paper. The benefit (for me) of doing it this way is that I wasn’t wasting lots of pieces of glitter paper trying and failing to cut out neat lettering by hand.

To attach the letters to the bakers twine, I threaded them with a needle, putting two holes in the top of each letter. I started with the thread at the back of each letter, pulled it through to the front, and then passed it back around itself so the thread was at the back of the letter again. It took a bit of trial and error to get the spacing between the letters looking nice, and to make sure I had enough ‘hanging’ string left at both ends. I’d recommend adding a few letters at a time and regularly holding it up to check you’re happy with the look of it as you go.

happy birthday glitter banner how to

One birthday craft down… only another 4,736 to go. Yikes!

We also made the sign again as a way to announce the birth of Little Button number 2!

little button diaries

~ Laura xx ~