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We’re really lucky here at Little Button Diaries to have been nominated by Karinna from Cheesy Biscuit and Simon from Spade Fork Spoon for a Liebster Award, and Jo from An Expat Abroad for the Sunshine Award. Both of these awards are given to blogs from other bloggers as a way of paying it forward. We are so thrilled that people enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it. Thank you!

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For each award we were asked a set of questions about ourselves. Here’s a small selection of our answers…

Why did you start the blog?

We started this diary of our life to document our Little Buttons growing up, and for them to read when they are old enough.  We also wanted to start more craft projects and finish the existing ones, and having the blog gives us the motivation to do this!

What is your favourite book?

At the moment it’s Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. I know it’s a children’s book but my Little Button loves it so much because of all the flaps to lift up and explore.

What is your most prized possession?

We both love our photo albums and our cameras. They are like our other children!

What is your favourite blog post (provide a link)?

Our favourite post so far is our 100th post. It felt like such an achievement to reach this point as we didn’t know how long we would keep this up once we started. Now we can’t wait to plan our next landmark post.

What’s the worst item of food you’ve ever tasted?

For Tia it was a portion of fermented soya bean in Japan. She still shudders at the thought of them. For me, it’s any hot fruit. Even the ones disguised as a crumble.

Who (or what) makes you laugh?

Would it be too much of a cliché to say our Little Buttons make us laugh? I’m struggling to think who else makes me laugh more.

What thing do you do less, that you actually think you should do more often?

I always seem to have every intention of flossing my teeth because I know it’s good for me but never seem to get round to it. I also think I should step away from the iPhone/computer/camera more often and live in the present a bit more.

To where would you most like to travel?

I would really like to go to Hawaii so I can wear a grass skirt (in public) and play my ukulele, and Tia would love to go tango dancing in Argentina.

What motivates you to keep blogging?

We tend to motivate each other to keep going and spark off one another for ideas. Also the wealth of talent from other bloggers and the desire to create beautiful things is very motivating, as are the lovely comments and feedback we receive from readers.

Most embarrassing moment in your life?

For Tia her most embarrassing moment was when she was 12 and she accidentally wet herself on stage in her acting debut in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Damn that teacher who wouldn’t let her go to the loo!

We’ve selected a few of our favourite blogs for the Liebster award (listed below). Nominees need to answer the same questions, link back to this post, and then pick more blogs they themselves enjoy. Here are ours:
There’s also time to nominate us for Best Craft Blog in the MAD parent blogger awards. To do so please go to vote for a Best Blog of your choosing and then vote for us as Best Craft Blog.
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