Nap Time Crafts: Felt Bow Clips

I don’t know about you, but I find that the only hair clips available to buy for toddlers are pretty hideous. Pink fairies, glittery flowers and gross plastic hearts. But its easy to make your own and it takes all of about ten minutes. I was only going to make a couple but I got a bit addicted and ended up making 7.

bow 15

I made these a few days before I went into labour…All beautiful little items of procrastination when what I really should have been doing was digging baby clothes out the loft and packing my hospital bag. Oops. It is because of these bows that I had no pyjama bottoms on the hospital ward!

Here’s how to make your own.

You will need:
Plain hair clips (mine were little ones, about an inch)

1. Print out the template to your preferred size and cut out (NB The bows can be any size, but I included a tape measure in the template picture below so you can get an idea of the size I made).

bow 10

2) Pin to the felt and cut out

bow 7   bow 8

3) Take the largest piece and fold together to create a bow shape. Glue in place on the back.

 bow 2

4) take the curved piece and glue in the centre of the back of the bow

bow 3

5) Wrap the smallest piece around the centre of the two glued pieces and glue at the back, quite tightly.

bow 4  bow 5

6) Open up the clip and glue along the top. Attach the bow and leave to dry. If you want to make a few, its almost just as easy to layer up the felt and cut out a few in one go.

bow 13  bow 14

Much better than fairies. I think.

bow 12

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Tia x

felt bow hairclips tutorial

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