How to Make a Toddler Play Apron

toddler play apron

Now our Little Buttons are getting older, their playtime is often a lot messier than before. Finger painting, play dough and good old flour and water all take their toll on their nice clean clothes (and our clothes, and the carpets, and the cats…). So in a bid to save our washing machine from breaking down, we thought we’d try covering up their clothes with this toddler play apron.

For this project you will need:

  • 0.5 metres of Oil Cloth
  • 2 metres of Cotton Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Embroidery Thread & Needle
  • Sewing Machine

child's apron tutorial

Begin by measuring out your material as per the diagram below. The aprons I made were for a 1-2 year-old so you may need to scale according to the size of your child.

Toddler Play Apron Pattern

Next, cut the cotton tape into 3 pieces measuring 60cm each. One is for the neck tie and the other two are the back ties. For the neck tie, place it at the top of the apron on the wrong side of the fabric. Position it 1.5cm from the slanted edge and 1cm from the top edge. Secure in place with masking tape – if you use pins they will leave a hole in the material. Once you have stitched the ties in place you can rip the tape off.

Repeat this step with the back pieces placing them 2cm down from the slanted edge and 1cm in from the side edge.

 IMG_5657 oilcloth apron tutorial

Once the ties are in place it’s time to add the seam around the whole apron. Turn each side of the apron in with a 1.5cm seam. Secure in place with masking tape. To create clear corners at the bottom of the apron you need to mitre the corners.

With the ties you need to ensure they are pointing out away from the fabric when you sew them. Next, using a sewing machine sew around the entire edge of the apron. I did two sets of stitching – one very close to the edge and the other 1cm in from that. If you find your fabric is sticking in the machine because of its slippery nature you can add a piece of tissue paper between the fabric and the needle. Once the stitching is complete peel off the masking tape.

Finally, I decided to add initials on the top of the neck strap. I drew them with pencil and used backstitch to embroider them.

Make a toddler play apron


We’d hoped to get a nice picture of the Buttons showing off their aprons, but as you can see this is all we managed. They obviously didn’t like being this clean! C’est La Vie!


 ~ Laura xx ~

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