Upcycling a Lampshade. We ❤ Chintz!

lampshade 12

In January I made a little resolution that 2014 is the year to finish what I started. I have so many projects that I start, then get bored of and stuff in a cupboard. So I starting forcing myself to finish things… and it was really satisfying! I put buttons on coats that have been in a pile for a year. I fixed a bag that had a broken catch. I sewed trim on an apron I made about 6 months ago. Being productive is addictive! On the top of a pile was a lampshade I bought from a car boot sale 3 years ago. Yep. For 3 years it has been sat there taking up room. I decided to upcycle it with some lovely fabric I had leftover from a dress:

Before and After:

lampshade 2   lampshade 15

So here’s how to do it.

You’ll need:
A lampshade (…that’s a bit obvious isn’t it)
About 1/2 metre of fabric
Iron on Fabric Adhesive (I used heat n bond)
Both PVA and Super Glue
Pom pom trim. Optional.

1) First remove any tassles or embellishments from your lampshade. Place one of the sides of the lampshade flat on a piece of paper and trace. Cut out and hold the paper against the lampshade to check that it is the correct size. Add roughly a centimeter to the top and bottom of the outline – this is to give you an overhang to fold the fabric round.

lampshade 3   lampshade 4

2) transfer the template onto a piece of fabric 6 times. Cut a piece of fabric adhesive to the size of the fabric and iron on – this is to add strength and stop the fabric fraying. Peel off and cut out each segment.

lampshade 5   lampshade 6

3) brush PVA glue onto one side of the lampshade and gently stick a fabric segment into place, leaving some excess at the top and bottom and smooth into place. Repeat all around the lampshade.

lampshade   lampshade 7

4) snip the excess fabric all the way along the bottom of the lampshade. superglue the inside of the lampshade at the bottom and fold the fabric in. Repeat along the top.

lampshade 9   lampshade 10

5) Finally take your pom pom trim and glue along the bottom outside edge of the lampshade.

Lampshade 11


lampshade 12    lampshade 14

Tia x

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