Nap Time Crafts: Mini Envelope Card

card 7

I love making my own cards. Its cheaper, more personal and doesn’t involve me having to push my double buggy all the way into town to panic-buy a crap card. I thought I’d share this mini envelope card I made for George’s birthday as it took no time at all to make and its really easy. Perfect for when the babies are asleep (although, for me, that seems to have stopped entirely. They never sleep. I never sleep. I can barely type).

You Will Need:

Card stock
scraps of coloured paper
Letter stamps and pad (optional)

1) Begin by cutting a 3 inch square of coloured paper. Fold each corner in so that they meet in the middle but ever so slightly overlap.

card 1

2) Glue the bottom three corners together, being careful not to stick them to the inside of the envelope. Glue the envelope to the centre of the card.

card 2

3) cut a piece of paper to the width of the card – the length can vary according to how much you want to write. Once you’ve written a message, slot it into the card. I found a little sticker so used that to seal it, but you could just tuck it in place.

card 9

4) Use letter stamps to create your message, or simply write it on.

card 3

All done, Hoorah. I think this would be good for children too… you could do a little postman’s bag!

card 8  card 5

Tia x

P.S If you want another idea for a card why not try out this Shrinkie Valentines Card


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