I Heart My Pet 2014 Craft Campaign

DIY dog Toy

We were asked by the lovely people at the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) if we wanted to be involved in their I Heart My Pet 2014 Campaign, a project to promote animal well-being. The campaign is all about crafts for pets, so we jumped at the chance. We decided to use our macramé skills to make a dog toy.

For this project you will need:

  • 2 old t-shirts/ stretchy jersey material
  • A heavy book
  • Masking tape

Begin by cutting your t-shirts into strips of roughly 1.5 inches wide. We used five strips to make this toy.

Because knotting any material makes it shorter, you need about four times the length you want to end up with, to start with. So, if you want a toy that’s 10 inches long when finished, start with strips that are 40 inches long. To make the strips long enough we sewed several of them together end to end.

DIY Dog Toy

Place all the strips together and secure with a knot leaving two inches of material at the top. Then begin to macramé the strips together. For an excellent video tutorial on how to do this click here.

We do have a few tips for trying this craft with jersey fabric. The main thing we learnt was to put a heavy book at the top of the toy so it doesn’t keep falling off the table. Also we placed masking tape down the length of the toy once it was knotted to secure it in place, otherwise the fabric curled round.

DIY Dog Toy

Once you’ve knotted the strips to the desired length of your toy, secure the end by tying all the strands into one knot. Leave a bit of length after the knot and cut, so the dog has something to grab onto.

We test-drove our creation on little and big dogs, and they all enjoyed wrestling with it. The best part is the toy can be washed and comes up as good as new!

For more information on the campaign you can visit their website or search for the hashtags  #IHMP2014 or #IHEARTMYPETUK on Twitter or Facebook. 

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

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  1. It was such pleasure to see all the heart my pet craft campaigns. I was so pleased to see yours and shared it with my readers…What did you think of mine, did you see it?

  2. Hello so sorry for the slow reply. We most certainly did like see your craft. Who knew you could make your own dog treats. Very clever idea! Did your dog enjoy them? x

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