DIY copper Magazine Rack

magazine rack 7

A friend of mine recently showed me how easy it is to make things out of copper piping (she made an awesome table with some piping and scaffold boards….clever girl). You don’t need to be a fancy welder, all you need is some strong glue and a little device that cuts the copper pipe with a simple twist. I found this post by the awesome fallfordiycom which uses wooden poles alongside copper joins. I wanted the full copper look on my magazine rack so I went and bought myself some piping – the whole thing cost me under £20 (but I did have the fabric already).

You will need:
1.7m of 15mm copper piping (cut to measurements below)
8 x 15mm copper pipe joins
15mm Copper pipe cutter (select the size based on the diameter of your piping)
Epoxy glue, like Araldite
130 X 35cm Strong fabric

1) Begin by cutting your copper to the following sizes:
2 x 40cm
2 x 30cm
2 x 15cm

magazine rack 2 magazine rack 5

2) Begin by assembling the frame of the rack. On a flat surface, take the shortest pipes first and glue the joints in place on each end. Then glue the 30cm pipes into these joints to create a sort of square “C” shape. Keep the pipes flat on the surface to ensure they are straight when moved upright.

magazine rack 6

Now take one of your “C”s and glue the joints and long pipes in place as in the pic below. Glue the final joints in place on the other “C” (make sure they’re straight!) but DON’T glue the long pipes in – if you do it you won’t be able to put the fabric on… and that would be a bit annoying (as well as being a rather useless magazine rack). Once its all dry the final piece can be slotted in place, allowing you to remove the fabric for cleaning.

magazine rack 13 magazine rack 14

With the frame assembled, its time to make the fabric section. begin by sewing a 1cm hem along both edges of the fabric.

Lay the fabric flat and fold both ends into the middle. Mark with chalk the centre of each fold and then open the fabric out again. Using a bowl or circular template, draw a circle around these central points to create your handle holes (which, once re-folded, will become semicircles). Allowing an additional cm to fold in, cut the hole out, snip around the edges, press flat and sew.

magazine rack 3 magazine rack 4

Refold the fabric ensuring the cut outs line up perfectly. Sew the fabric along the join in the middle to create a piece of fabric that is half the length with a semi circle at each end.

magazine rack 15

Then sew the edges along your original hem line once more – ensuring you leave a 1inch gap at each end to enable you to feed the pipe through. Keeping this 1inch gap at the top sew the circles together (optional).

 magazine rack 16 magazine rack 17

Now place the fabric in place on the rack and hoorahhh! A shiny new magazine rack that can immediately be filled with loads of magazines/papers and torn out bits of information that you will never have any time to read.

   magazine rack 18

 magazine rack 10  magazine rack 8

copper pipe magazine rack tutorial

Tia x

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