How to Make a Piped & Appliqued Pillow

applique and piped pillow tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was very happy to be asked if I would be godmother to a beautiful little baby called Olive. She is such a joyful little girl, I decided I’d make her a little colourful cushion to match her personality. I’ve never piped fabric before so I thought I’d give that a shot. Its easy! I’m piping everything from now on…

Here’s how I made it:

you will need:

  • 2 x 12″ squares of fabric for cushion
  • scraps of fabric for applique
  • bondaweb
  • 40″ of cord & 42″ strip of fabric for piping
  • toy stuffing

1) begin by cutting your front and back pillow fabric. As this cushion is stuffed (rather than made with a pillow form) it can be any size you like. I chose to make mine 10″ so cut two 12″ squares to allow for a 1″ seam.

2) sketch out your design. Here I chose to make a little caravan, sun and some colourful balloons. Cut out the paper design to create your template. Select the fabric for your applique and iron on the bondaweb as per the instructions. cut the fabric shapes using your template.

applique pillow tutorial 2 applique pillow tutorial 6

3) The fabric shapes can then easily be ironed in place onto your pillow. Bear in mind that this is the point of no return… once its on, its glued fast. To make the caravan, I took some scraps of fabric to go behind the window and door and sewed on some personalised words. For the door, two pieces of fabric were adhered with bondaweb and then blanket stitched.

applique pillow tutorial 9 applique pillow tutorial 13 applique pillow tutorial 16

4) Once your pieces are in place you can then sew around the edges with blanket stitch, either by hand or machine (if it has the function).

applique pillow tutorial 18 applique pillow tutorial 17

5) Now to make the piping. Take your cord – this should be the length of your pillow sides added up, so in this instance 40″. Allow a little extra. Cut a strip of cord to this length, 2″ wide. Place the cord in the centre of the strip – ensuring there is excess fabric at each end – fold over and sew along the edge of the cord using a zipper foot if you have one.

applique pillow tutorial 28

6) Place your front pillow piece flat, face up and pin the piping along the sides, with the rough edge of the piping lined up with the edge of the pillow. When you get to a corner, snip into this rough edge. when you reach the end, take one end of the piping fabric, fold it under and tuck the other end inside – you will probably need to snip it down a bit. Sew in place.

applique pillow tutorial 21 applique pillow tutorial 29

7) Now place your two pillow pieces right sides together and sew along the line of the piping, feeling it with your finger.  Leave a 3″ gap for turning and stuffing. Then snip the excess fabric away, to reduce bulk.

applique pillow tutorial 23

8) Turn the pillow the right way out and fill with toy stuffing. Sew the hole shut by hand.

applique pillow tutorial 25 applique pillow tutorial 26

This isn’t the speediest of projects, it takes time and patience – but once you’ve done one applique you realise you could literally applique any shape. Ooooooh….

Tia x

applique pillow tutorial 34applique pillow tutorial 31

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