Our Top 10 Bonfire Bakes

top ten bonfire bakes

Its nearly Bonfire Night! Remember, remember the 5th of November, er…something something, plot! We love this time of year, toffee apples, sparklers and cuddly ear-muffed children. We’ve put together a list of our favourite recipes to make just in time for the fireworks. Be prepared to say ‘oohh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ to our Top 10 Bonfire Bakes:

toffee apple 1. Our Mini Toffee Apple Pops

Treacle_Toffee recipe2. Lyles‘ Treacle Toffee

Bonfire Brownies recipe 3. Our yummy Bonfire Brownies: Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Popping Candy

marshmallow-swizzle-sticks 4. Marshmallow Swizzle Sticks from Good to Know

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c31a548f8970b-800wi 5. Aztec Hot Chocolate from A Beautiful Mess


salted caramel popcorn recipe 6. Salted Caramel Popcorn from 12 Tomatoes

firework cookies 7. Nurture Store’s Firework Cookies

sparkler bites 8. Mum in the Mad House’s Edible Sparkler Sticks

apple cake 9. Ren Behan’s Spiced Toffee Apple Cake

brandy snaps 10. Our Brandy Snaps

Yum. Please share any other bakes you have in the comments below, we wil make ALL of them!

Laura & Tia x



3 thoughts on “Our Top 10 Bonfire Bakes

  1. OOh, great post! I love this time of year – especially for the food!! hehe! Though its been sooo mild this year, we went to a bonfire party last night and we just wore jumpers all evening! – No cuddly ear muffed children here! lol!

    Kay xxx


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