Our Second #CrafttheParcel Sprocket Quilt Square

Craft the parcel quilt square

A few weeks ago we took part in a craft challenge for new postal service, InPost. Along with a group of other bloggers we had to design and make a 12″ quilt square, sew it onto the last person’s square and pass the quilt onto the next blogger. The #CrafttheParcel challenge, as it’s called, is a fun way to meet new crafty bloggers and try out a new postal service.

For our first square we decided to use applique to create a starry scene. We wanted to try something different for this square so choose to create a colourful sprocket effect rainbow square.

The postal service behind this challenge, Inpost, is an alternative way of sending packages through the use of a locker system. You pay for your parcel and book a courier online, then they deliver it to one of the lockers around the country for the recipient to collect.

When the quilt arrived one other blogger had created their masterpiece and it was over to me to add my colourful addition.

To make a sprocket square…

1.  Begin by cutting a paper triangle template that is 10 inches in height and 8 inches along the bottom.


2.  Next, cut out 8 different colours of fabric adding 1cm seam allowance all the way round.


3. Pin and sew together, in pairs, right sides together.


 4. Sew these pairs together to form two pieces each made of four triangles.


5. You’ll then have a nice straight edge to sew the two halves up. Pin, right sides together, and sew. Don’t worry if the centre is not completely lined up, that’s the beauty of putting a button on top of it!


6. To turn our fabric into a 12″ quilt square we drew and cut a square slightly bigger (to allow for the seam) and cut it out.



6. Cut a piece of wadding 14 inches square. Pin to the front panel and sew along the lines from centre outwards to quilt it.

7. The final touch is to sew a button onto the middle.

The square was packaged up and sent with the rest to Michelle at the Purple Pumpkin Blog for the crafty challenge to continue!

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