A Crafty Christmas Gift Idea: Super+Super Books


Ok, I have to declare a little bias when it comes to these books. The Super+Super printmaking and embroidery books are from Brighton-based duo Amy and Claire. These lovely ladies were two of the first people I met when I moved to Brighton and have been a source of craft inspiration ever since. That aside, their books are the perfect stocking fillers for any newbie or experienced crafters out there.

Their printmaking book contains 20 easy-to-follow tutorials demonstrating different styles of printing. Every project is now on my New Year craft to-do list to try. Topping that list is the raindrop baby sleep suit, which uses potato printing, and the lino-print wallpaper. There are nice clear introductory sections detailing various techniques and the materials needed to make each project, with each project graded by how long it should take.

Their second book focuses on embroidery projects. Having been taught embroidery by Amy years ago, I knew before even opening the book how much I was going to like it. There is a really comprehensive stitch guide at the start, which I know I’ll keep referring to. As for projects, I’m particularly keen to try the geometric phone case and the varsity hoodie tutorials.

Both books boast imaginative projects, clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful imagery to accompany them. These diamonds of books are available from all good bookshops, Amazon and Super+Super’s online shop. You can also follow their crafty antics on their blog.

~ Laura xx ~

PS for even more crafty goodness check out Claire and Amy’s previous guest posts for us.

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