A Cat Called Panda

a cat called panda
Reading is one of our favourite pastimes in our house. It’s so nice to be able to take five minutes out of the day, sit down and enjoy a little time together, delving into a world of imagination. My Little Button has even learned that reading another story is a great delaying tactic at bedtimes! We always enjoy hearing what others currently love reading, so wanted to share our latest favourite: a lovely book entitled ‘A Cat Called Panda’.

a cat called panda

The book is written and illustrated by two of our very talented friends, Mel and Charlie, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. Their story tells of a conversation between a quizzical little girl called Amanda and a cat who goes by the name of Panda, and is in the style of a nonsense poem.

a cat called panda

When reading it to my eldest Button, she enjoyed spotting and naming all the animals throughout the book, and wanted to hear it again when we reached the end (and it wasn’t even bedtime! – that’s always a good sign).

A cat called panda book
We love this book not only because we know the authors (and the real Panda cat) but because of its charm and sophistication. The illustrations are hand-printed, the words have a lovely rhythm and cadence when read aloud, and it’s the kind of book that we know will be taken on and off our shelves for a very long time to come.

A Cat Called Panda is available to buy from 7th April via Amazon.

~ Laura xx ~