Make a Toddler Booster Seat

booster chair tutorial little button diariesMy little girl is in a sort of no-man’s land at the moment when it comes to sitting at the table. She’s too big for a high chair, but she’s too small for a chair. I thought about buying a booster chair – I haven’t seen any in the shops but I’m sure you can get them. Then I realised that all you really need is a bit of foam. And its easy to cover a bit of foam! You can buy upholstery foam from EBay, its really cheap and readily available. So that’s what I did. And here’s how I did it.


  • 1 metre of oilcloth or PVC
  • Superglue
  • Upholstery foam cushion 12x12x5″

1. cut the fabric as follows:
2 x squares measuring 14 x 14″
1 x strip measuring 50 x 7″

2. Draw a 12×12 square in the centre of each large piece of fabric and a mark a strip 5″ wide on the length of fabric. This will show you where to pin and sew. Snip the corners off each square.

booster chair little button diaries 2

3. Fold over the end of each strip and sew.

booster chair little button diaries 4

4. Pin the strip along an edge of one of the squares, right sides together, matching up the pen lines.

booster chair little button diaries

5. Fold the strip around the corners to line up with the next edge and pin. Continue all the way around. Snip off the edges on the stip to match up with the square.

 booster chair little button diaries 3 booster chair little button diaries 7

6. Sew all the way along this line (including over the ends of the strip)

booster chair little button diaries 11 booster chair little button diaries 9

 Place the foam cushion inside the fabric and put the remaining fabric square on top. Fold  and tuck the edges in. Glue in place (or you could sew it, but strong glue works well on oilcloth and getting the foam in a small hole would be a challenge…) and place masking tape over the fabric to hold the glue tightly in place.

booster chair little button diaries 12 booster chair little button diaries 13

Hoorah! Thats a happy little raised up bottom. One thing I would note though, if I was to do it again, is that it would be better with ties on, as it does slip off the chair a bit.

booster chair little button diaries 14b

booster chair little button diaries 17      booster chair little button diaries 15

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  1. What a fab idea! Boo still needs her highchair but I will keep this in mind for when she gets older!

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