How to Turn your Toddler into a Pirate


Arrrrrrrr! Coming up with costumes for parties can be tricky. We were invited to a pirate party at the weekend and instead of buying a costume I decided to make a few pirate accessories to transform my Little Button into a little scallywag. After grabbing a white top and black leggings from her wardrobe I added a length of stripy fabric around her middle, and made a felt parrot, cardboard telescope and duct tape pirate boots. For my Littlest Button I made some fabric parrot wings. Who’s a pretty boy then!

Felt Parrot

For this project you will need:

  • One sheet of felt in red, yellow & blue
  • Scrap pieces of felt in black & white
  •  Toy Stuffing
  • Glue and red thread

parrot templatepirate crafts1. Begin by cutting out your pieces from the felt. You need two of each – one for each side of the parrot.
pirate crafts

2. To make the wings cut one in red as per the template. Then cut another in blue, one third smaller, and trim the bottom and side with pinking shears. Repeat with yellow and red pieces as per the picture. Stitch or glue together at the top.

pirate crafts3. Glue your parrots together so they are mirror images of each other.

 pirate crafts pirate crafts

4. Cut a belly piece (as above) and sew the two body pieces together using blanket stitch.

pirate craftspirate crafts

pirate crafts pirate crafts

5. Use a safety pin or a few stitches to attach to the shoulder of a piratey looking top.

Cardboard Telescope

For this project you will need:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Paper cup
  • Gold paint
  • Masking tape & doubled sided tape
  • Black and gold card
  •  Pirate stickers


pirate crafts pirate crafts

1. Draw around your cardboard tube on the base of your cup. Cut it out.

pirate crafts pirate crafts

2. Make centimetre-long snips around the bottom of the tube. Push the tube into the hole in the bottom of the cup. Bend back the snips and secure with masking tape.

pirate craftspirate crafts

3.Paint your telescope gold by applying several coats.

pirate crafts

4. Decorate with black and gold cards and pirate stickers.

Duct Tape Boots

 For this project you will need:

  • Welly boots
  • Black duct tape

pirate crafts pirate crafts

1. Very simply, wrap strips of duct tape around your wellies! This is a brilliant way of jazzing up boots as the tape can be removed without marking afterwards.

Finally, if you have a baby in need of a pirate-related costume then these parrot wings are simple to make (even though it can take a while to cut out all the wing pieces) and they are easy to sew. For our full tutorial click here.

pirate crafts

IMG_4138  pirate crafts

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  1. This is so cool! My son is currently very interested in pirates. I especially love the parrot! Great work. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I’m hosting a giveaway currently. You can win one out of 10 super cute felt cell/mobile phone sewing kits. Have a lovely day. Jana

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