Naptime Crafts: A Quick Watch Strap

watch strap tutorial from Little Button Diaries

I bought my diddy little niece a watch for her birthday, which she loved, but then she put it on and it was gigantic, even on the smallest setting. You should have seen her little sad face, poor button. So I said I’d make her another strap that would fit her perfectly. This is super easy -and will take you less than an hour to make with time for lots of biscuits in between. Read on for full instructions!

You will need

  • Small piece of fabric (see dimensions below)
  • Watch face
  • 1 inch buckle

diy watch strap 1

1. Take the wrist measurement, and also measure the strap hole on the watch face. Cut your fabric as follows:

Length = wrist + 2.5″
Height = strap hole + 1″

(you wouldn’t believe how long I’ve sat here trying to figure that out. Crap. At. Maths.). This watch is to fit a teeny 8 year old with a wrist measuring 5 inches, and a 1″ strap hole so I cut my fabric to 7.5″ x 2″.

2. fold lengthways and press. Mark a line 0.5″ inches from the edge of the fabric and sew along this line to create a 1″ strip. Cut off the excess to leave 1/4″.

diy watch strap 2

3. Use a pencil or chopstick to turn the fabric the right way out. Press with the seam along the middle and tuck each end in by 0.5″ each.

diy watch strap 4

4. Sew the ends so that you have a neat closed strip.

diy watch strap 5

5. Thread the watch onto the strap.

diy watch strap 6

6. Now you need to fold each end back 1 inch and press. Open the buckle up and thread each piece onto the ends of the strap, move down to the fold and sew down.

diy watch strap 7

This inch on each end gives you a lot of room for expansion, you can unpick and re-sew as the child grows. Or just make a new one, it doesn’t take long…. this took me 45 minutes from start to finish (and I’m sure I took regular tea and digestive pauses). You can check that if you like because the time is on the watch!

Tia x

diy watch strap 9 diy watch strap 8 
  diy watch strap 10

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