Larmer Tree Festival

I found myself at home on Saturday with a gin and tonic (by myself) watching Glastonbury and feeling very envious that I was on a sofa and not in that field. I’ve only been once, with Laura and some other friends, and we had the best time, watching great bands, dodging cups of wee and not caring that our last shower was 4 days ago. It feels a lifetime ago.


I’ve hit the point where I think a festival with kids would be manageable. Different, but manageable. We were really excited to be offered tickets to Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset. We’ve been hearing great things – its a true family friendly festival that’s been going for 25 years.  ​There are some brilliant acts – Tom Jones, Levellers, Bill Bailey, plus a beautiful band called Coco & The Butterfields that I saw live last year and they’re awesome. There’s also arts and crafts workshops,  talks and children’s entertainment. And you don’t have to worry about flying cups of wee. Probably.

If you would like to buy tickets visit

Wigwam Sam Children Waltzing, Carolyn White © Larmer Tree Festival The Village Food ©Louise Harrison_Larmer Tree Festival

Tia x

3 thoughts on “Larmer Tree Festival

  1. Ooh that’s exciting! Really looking forward to it. Our kids can meet too, that will be nice. Yey! X

  2. Yay! Fritha is going too with her little boy, there will be loads of bloggers! I’m really looking forward to it as well, just hoping the weather will be nice! All this sun we are having probably means it will be cold and rainy! x

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