Life in Pictures: Larmer Tree Festival

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Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset. I’ve been to quite a few festivals, but none with children. I have never dared. And it was definitely a different experience. I did have moments where I envied the child-free, boozing, snoozing people, but actually I enjoyed this one more than any festival I’ve been to before. Larmer Tree is so chilled out, so friendly and so varied. You can just sit in one spot and entertainment will come and find you.

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We did struggle a bit when we tried to watch an act and the kids decided they were bored. I thought I could bribe them with food but they got bored of rice cakes waaay too quickly. Amelie goes into repeat mode when she gets bored. “Fairies now daddy, fairies now daddy” times 400. It’s very effective. But at Larmer Tree the kids bits are so lovely and nicely put together that we enjoyed them too. We did get to see a band we love though, Coco & the Butterfields (the kids fell asleep!) and that was a really magical experience.

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I discovered some important things. Firstly, dungarees, baby carriers and portaloos (even super posh portaloos) are NOT a good combination. That’s actually impossible. Secondly, paper plates are a huge WIN at festivals. Thirdly, folding down and squashing a tent is the best thing on the planet when you’re 3. And lastly, the kids are in charge. Always, forever.

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Thank you Larmer Tree for having us. We will be back next year.

Tia x