Hobbycraft’s School Projects

school projects

Back to school already? We don’t even have school-age children but even for us that felt quick! We’ve been busy working with Hobbycraft as part of their school projects. They’ve got your kid’s art homework sorted! There is loads of inspiration and ideas on the hobbycraft blog for different topics, all aimed at different ages. Here’s our contribution:

1. 3D Map of a continent Made from air dry clay, this map is a great way to teach children about the shapes and contours of continents.

2. Roman Castle This foam and card castle comes complete wth moat, grass, tower and a working drawbridge.

3. Africain Hut Model The hut is easy to make with a clay base and card roof decorated with raffia. Children can learn about African art by decorating the walls

4. Viking Longboat. Constructed from corrugated card, the longboat has a template to make the it really straightforward.

We really enjoyed making these, it felt like we were back at school. And now we know the map of Australia perfectly :-)

Happy making kids!

Laura & Tia