Life In Pictures

This week we’ve been outside at every possible opportunity now that the sunshine could be whipped from under our feet at any moment! We no longer live a few minutes around the corner from each other so when we unexpectantly ended up in the same park at the same time this week, happy times! It really turned an ordinary park visit into lovely morning. As we had our camera (as always) we couldn’t resist taking a few snaps.

ricshaw 2 ricshawthe level brighton 5 the level brighton 4

Poor little Grayson, Lilah launches herself at him as soon as she’s placed within 3 feet. And all we do is coo and take annoying pictures. Just let me eat my food already!

the level brighton 8 the level brighton 6the level brighton 1

We also went to our local pick your own farm to pick our pumpkins ready to carve in a few weeks. It’s started to become a little family tradition and we love it!

IMG_7033 copylittle button diaries pumpkin picking 1 IMG_7013IMG_7005

Tia & Laura x

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