Cement and Copper Plant Pots

cement and copper plant pot DIYIt seems like everyone I know is moving house and away from Brighton at the moment. All those lovely neighbours I have come to call friends and who I rely on for last-minute play dates, parenting solidarity, and cups of tea are all moving on to pastures new. It’s sad to see so many people move on at once, but if there is an upside, it’s that I can make lots of nice ‘new home’ gifts for them all! What I like about these cement and copper plant pots is that they’re easy to make, and suitable for use indoors or outside.

To make one pot, you will need:

  • Large yoghurt pot
  • Large plastic cartridge/tube
  • Cement powder/builders sand
  • Copper chrome spray paint
  • Masking tape

*As this project is messy and not child-friendly, make sure the kids aren’t around and the spray painting is done in a well-ventilated room or preferably outside.*

1. Begin by taking the nozzle off the plastic cartridge. Mix the mortar by mixing 1 cup of cement with 1 cup of sand (in equal measures). You can experiment with the mixture to get the finish you want. For a rougher appearance mix more sand to water. If you have any lumps in the mixture break them up with something heavy.

2. Tip the mixture onto a tray, and make sure the cement and sand are well mixed. Make a well in the middle of the mixture and add water in small amounts until you get a cake mixture type consistency. Smooth out any lumps.


3. Fill your yoghurt pot 1/3 full with mixture. Add vaseline around the plastic cartridge and push it into the middle of the mixture and to the bottom of the pot. Fill up the rest of the yoghurt pot with cement. Level the top of the mixture with a small piece of wood. Make sure the plastic cartridge is upright and centred.copper and cement pot DIY little button diaries copper and cement pot DIY little button diaries

4. Leave to completely dry and then remove the plastic tube and yoghurt pot. Make a slit down the yoghurt pot to peel it off. Give the plastic tube a gentle twist and pull it out.


5. To decorate, measure and mark out your design and cover the parts you want to keep unpainted with masking tape.

pot3 pot6

6. Spray the pots in a well-ventilated room or preferably outside. Once the paint has completely dried, carefully peel off the tape.

pot9 pot10

Pop a cactus in and you’re done!




If you know me and are due to move, expect one of these as a moving gift sometime soon!

~ Laura xx ~