Asda’s Wooden Princess Castle

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Like lots of parents, I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of plastic crap that seems to accumulate in my children’s toy box. Noisy, flashy, plastic crap that no one seems to play with. We try not to buy too much of it, but it seems to build up anyway. When it comes to toys, I would always opt for wooden, even if my kids wouldn’t (avoided a pun there…). They’re solid, durable and usually better for the planet. Plus wooden toys don’t suddenly blurt “I’m Action Chugger” when you’re in bed at night (that one is in the charity bin now, it freaked me out).

Last week Asda asked us if we would like to try out some wooden toys from their new collection. Naturally we jumped at the chance and we are so happy with our goodies. I went for the princess castle and it’s really really lovely (and I would say if not, I promise!). It’s beautifully made, sturdy and well thought out.

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The back and part of the sides are open, so little hands can easily fit the prince and princess that come with it inside, as well as their entire collection of barbies. All stuffed in. It looked like a fun party!

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If you haven’t already looked at Asda’s wooden toy collection I would recommend you do.  I had no idea the collection would be so good and the prices are amazing (this princess castle is only £30). Click here to view the collection.

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  1. Aww! That is just adorable…
    Asda are so good for wooden toys….We got a dolls house from them about 5 years ago and my girl still plays with it and it has taken being climbed on and the test of time.

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