DIY Cardboard Cash Till

cardboard till DIY

My Little Button has hit an age where she loves role-play, especially playing ‘shops’. More specifically, playing the ‘Five Pound Shop’, where she charges £5 for everything from a coffee to a kangaroo. Watching her play the shop keeper is fascinating as she’s really using her imagination. I think I’ve said this at every stage, but this is my favourite stage so far (minus the tantrums). To encourage this, I made a cash till for her shop, so she can keep a note of all her £5 sales.

For this craft project you will need:

  • 1 large cereal box
  • 1 regular cereal box
  • Masking tape
  • Strong glue
  • Corrugated cardboard for the top, side and middle
  • Craft knife
  • White, red and blue paint
  • 2 x A4 sheets of red card
  • 1 x A4 sheet of black and yellow card
  • Number and letter stickers
  • Small amount of bakers twine
  1. Begin by sealing the top of the larger box using masking tape. Then cut a hole for the drawer to the same dimensions as the smaller box when laid on its side.till6

    2. Insert the smaller box into the hole as far as it will go and then cut it to size so that the till closes neatly. Remove the top face of this box to create an empty drawer, and seal the front using some of the leftover card. To make the drawer compartments, use the rest of the off-cuts to form three rectangles measuring the same height and width as your drawer. Use strong glue to glue these into place.

     till5 till7

    3. To make the main part of the till, cut the side panels (see the photo for reference of shape) and a rectangle for the back panel. Keep any folds in the cardboard attached as this will help stick the till together.

     till13 till14

    4. For the front part of the till, roll up the corrugated card so it makes it easier to bend into shape. Then cut a rectangle long enough to curve round and up the side panels, and 2 inches wider than the till. On each of the long sides fold over 1 inch and cut tabs into them.

    till10 till12

    5.  Use masking tape to stick the side panels onto the top of the till drawer. Then use the tabs to stick the middle panel to the side panels. Use masking tape to reinforce both inside and outside. Finally, tape the back panel on.

    till15 cardboard till DIY

    6. Paint the main part of the till white, the drawer blue and the top part of the till red. Glue the top of the till on. Embellish the till with stick-on numbers, a black sticker for the total, and scalloped edging around the top of the till and drawer for extra decoration. Add a bakers twine handle to the drawer and a “please pay here” sign on the back of the till.

 cardboard till cardboard till DIYcardboard till DIY

If making the till wasn’t enough for my Little Button, Christmas came early when this wooden shop/cafe turned up from George by Asda. After constructing the shop during nap-time I stocked it with play food and shopping bags and it was open for business by the time she woke up. She loved having a shop front and till for her play and it’s proven incredibly sturdy. It’s also rather stylish, and its muted colours have blended in beautifully at home.

The shop/cafe comes on wheels, which wasn’t ideal for us as a certain newly crawling customer who kept coming to buy bananas kept accidentally moving the shop – but the wheels were easy to remove. Apart from that, it has made a lovely addition to our toys and really fuelled the role-playing from my Little Button. She even restocks the shelves and sweeps the counter when she’s shut up shop for the day!

For the full range of Asda‘s new wooden toys visit their website. Accessories are sold separately.*

wooden cafe 3wooden cafe 12 IMG_1310 wooden cafe 10 wooden cafe 9  wooden cafe 2 wooden cafe 1  

Right, I’m off to spend my £5 in this fantastic new little shop that’s opened up round here! Happy shopping.

~ Laura xx ~

*We were kindly sent the wooden shop for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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