365 Days of Ups and Downs and a Birthday Cake

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Blimey! We made it through the past 365 days, and what a whirlwind it has been. Yesterday my littlest Little Button, Grayson, turned 1. We celebrated with a mini party, with cake, balloons and musical statues (on Harper’s request!). I don’t know if it’s reaching this milestone or the time of year but looking back over the previous year makes me realise that this parenting thing has sure brought a lot of ups and downs. Who knew that negotiating a toddler, a newborn, trying to work, and just getting dressed everyday on no sleep was tricky? I can’t say I’ve been at my finest at times in 2015, and always have that mum-guilt, but adding Grayson into our little family has made me more determined to be bigger and bolder everyday.

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When I found out I was having a boy I was filled with anxiety of ‘what on earth do you do with boys?’ and I even uttered to a friend, “there is nothing good to craft for boys” (seriously hormonal moment). The sweet little boy that we have makes me wonder how I ever thought that way. little button diaries birthday 9

Grayson, since the minute you were born, my heart has swelled with love and keeps growing more as you do. Even if you don’t let us sleep, and are getting as loud and raucous as your sister, I’m so glad over the past 365 days you have made our home more chaotic and messier than ever before.

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Happy birthday, I’m so proud of the baby you are and the little boy you’re becoming and just think… one day you’ll be big enough to sit on Harper’s head like she does to you now.

 little button diaries birthday 1

~ Laura xx ~

8 thoughts on “365 Days of Ups and Downs and a Birthday Cake

  1. This is so lovely Laura and funnily enough was just great for me to read now. I was so shocked when I found out I was having a little boy, I always assumed I would be a girl mama and I must admit I was nervous. But at the same time we are thrilled to have a little boy arriving. It sounds like Grayson has fitted in perfectly- happy birthday to him. xx

  2. Oh such lovely photos! This has made me excited as it’s my little boy’s first birthday next month. Although he’s my first when I found out he was a boy I was so scared as I knew nothing about them, but now I feel so silly! xx

  3. Thanks so much Katie. I was also so shocked that I was having a boy and didn’t believe it until he arrived. I spent most of the second half of my pregnancy nervous about every small detail to do with boys such as where do you buy nice boys clothes and even how to clean them (it’s so much easier than girls!) As soon as he arrived all that went and I don’t know if it’s because his my youngest and if it’s a mummy-son thing but I’m so protective of him. I don’t think any girls will ever be good enough for him!! When your little man arrives i bet you’ll be the same and you’re fab girls are going to love having a little brother around. I’m so excited to see your family grow to five!xxx

  4. Thank you Chantal. It does seem silly now but during pregnancy I was so scared too. Feels like a life time ago now though. How exciting that your boy is turning one next month. I hope he has a super birthday and that you get to eat some cake! Make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for the past year xx

  5. I always assumed I’d be a girl mummy and was shocked when I found out I was having a boy and had much the same thoughts that you had. Now I couldn’t imagine being a mummy to a girl! Isn’t life funny? Happy birthday to Grayson. x

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