Mini Motivational Magnets

     mini magnet diy

 Ok, so these magnets didn’t start off being mini. When the mould arrived after ordering it online I realised I didn’t read the dimensions on the website. Does anyone else do that? The amount of things that I buy that are too big or small is an embarrassing number. Anyway, I made these little magnets to send in the post to my friend Angela just to let her know that I think she rocks, every time she opens her fridge! I probably could have just sent this in a text message but everyone loves getting surprise packages in the post, right?!

You will need:

  •  Silicon alphabet mould
  •  Plaster of Paris
  •  Strong glue
  •  A4 magnetic sheet
  •  Spray paint (copper colour)

magnets11. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the plaster and pour into the mould making sure it doesn’t spill over the top. Leave to dry for an hour and then very gently remove the letters. Place on baking paper and leave to dry out completely for a few days. 


2. Once dry, spray with the copper paint (outside or in a well ventilated room). 


3. Test which side of your magnetic sheet is magnetised. Draw around the letter onto the magnetic sheet on the non-magnetised side. Cut out the letters so they are slightly smaller than the actual letters. 


 *This photo isn’t of my friend, who the magnets were for, but of my husband and me when we both looked a lot younger and had fewer eye bags before the children came along. It also makes me realise I’ve had the same haircut for a very long time now!

4. Use strong glue to attach the magnets to the letters. Once dry, stick on the fridge, stand back and feel inspired!  

 ~ Laura xx ~